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Sakunthala Foundation will assist children in rural areas of udumalpet taluk, tiruppur district, tamilnadu, india achieve their full potential with support they need for education. We will deliver 6,000 books to 1,500 elementary students. The books are READY TO SEND. Once the books arrive the work starts and a lending library will be set up. But first we need the procure and then kids can read to their hearts content! Help please.


Challenges Being Faced In Education Poor classroom and furniture condition in the schools Inadequate textbooks, reading and teaching / leaning materials, education and sports equipment Lack of library and computer lab especially in the remote areas. High rate of female dropout after primary level.


Objectives of the project: Impart reading skills / enhance reading ability of every child 6-14 year old of 10 villages; Involve Village community volunteers for implementation; Explore the new curriculum module for child education in reading, writing and basic arithmetics. Designate over a 2 year period the 10 communities as Villages of reading and learning; Provide educational stationeries-library centers to support current learning institutions

Long-Term Impact

The proposed project is indented to set up ten (10) community owned children Libraries in ten (10) villages for scaling up two (2) Reading Classes per village for 30 children every day. The Reading Classes will be Learning to Read (Learning to Read) classes or one of each depending on the local needs. These will be started to impart /enhance reading skills for beginners/under-performing children. The project also plans to involve community-based organizations.

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Donate today ! Help the needy !! While you have an income that makes you liable for taxation, do a noble deed by helping us saving many lives and get a 50% tax exemption on your donation amount under section 80G