Fundraising 3,495.00₹

Our Goals 20,000.00₹

Raise Donation for free medicine

In tiruppur district, udumalpet taluk, Due to several environmental factors, the children face enormous challenges to their health and development....

Fundraising 66,825.00₹

Our Goals 100,000.00₹

Free Books for Poor

IntroductionSakunthala Foundation will assist children in rural areas of udumalpet taluk, tiruppur district, tamilnadu, india achieve their full potential with...

Fundraising 35,429.00₹

Our Goals 500,000.00₹

Donate for child uniforms & dress

This donation helps to provide 2 pairs of high quality uniforms to abandoned orphan children studying 1st class to 10th...

Fundraising 9,954.00₹

Our Goals 100,000.00₹

Donate for Child Education

Sakunthala Foundation raising funds for 500 children from amongst the lowest income households from urban slums and rural villages in...



Donate today ! Help the needy !! While you have an income that makes you liable for taxation, do a noble deed by helping us saving many lives and get a 50% tax exemption on your donation amount under section 80G